Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Seoul Sister (A.K.A. I'm wearing someone else's pants)

Hi there. Things I would like you to know:
  1. I have literally been reading zero blogs lately. I will catch up someday. This day will be sooner than later. I'm still committed to the blog world. Don't you worry.
  2. I think I'm going to start working on a new blog design. That might inspire me some.
  3. The pants I'm wearing above are Amy's. She sent them to me as part of a clothes swap. I kept them and never photographed me wearing them even though I love them to death. I've had them nearly a year and she probably hates me. But aren't they cute? They're from an authentic Korean market!
  4. Speaking of things that come from an authentic Korean market*, my boyfriend and I broke up last week. We'd been together for two years. Even though I did the breaking up, it still sucks. There's been a lot of moping going on lately.
  5. Unfortunately, moping and getting one's blog back up and running do not play nice together. Boo. Hiss.
  6. I still have not purchased anything in the clothing or accessory department since July 15. That's 46 B.A. days. I counted all by myself.

* Well, not really. But he is half Korean.

Earrings: UO
Top: Free People
Pants: Amy's
Shoes: Steve Madden (I think)

Monday, August 15, 2011

Hazy Daze

Things I've been doing:

  1. Re-learning how to swim
  2. Taking very long walks
  3. Weeding someone else's garden (and getting paid for it)
  4. Cursing the hell out of someone else's garden (and also getting paid for it)
  5. Recovering physically from weeding someone else's garden (and I'm sure the garden is still recovering from all the verbal abuse, so we're about even)
  6. Not shopping (I KNOW RIGHT!?)
  7. Being all sentimental about the fact that August is half way over and summer is on its way out (and to think, this is only my second post this month)

I'm a summer kind of girl. I think I established this a few months ago when I proudly declared how I'd make summer my bitch if it was a person. Now we're at the point in the relationship when doom is inevitable. After fully submerging ourselves into our love affair--the two hearts, one soul, fairy-tale kinda stuff--we must face it: summer has been called away for a 270-and-some-day tour of duty in the southern hemisphere. We will say our heart-wrenching farewells on September 23rd.

A series of other suitors will try to charm me. Fall. Winter. Spring. I quickly fall for fall (pun possibly intended) as he charms me with his beauty and apple pie. But then fall changes. I start seeing his dark side more often. He's cold hearted. He makes me moody (damn you, SAD. Where my sun lamp at?). I realize that fall is not such a great guy after all. I sink into despair.

Winter tries his best to win my affection by showering me with gifts on the 25th of December, but any joy I experience is only temporary. Winter gets angry and tries to mess with me. And then he lets up and I think he may be offering me some reprieve. But no! Just when I begin to think he has backed off, he's on me, like a bad scene from a WWE match (and then he does this to me, the bastard).

It's a struggle, but eventually spring steps in and duels it out with winter, saves the day, and sweeps me off my feet. Spring reminds me of someone--my beloved summer. Spring offers me hope, and shows me love and warmth all over again. Spring does his best, but sometimes our relationship is plagued by his bitter--and occasionally icy--personality. I know he doesn't mean it, but it still irks me. I tell myself no! Do not settle for this spring fellow! Summer is almost here again! I wait, and wait, and wait. And eventually...

...Summer comes back, I do a little dance, and I do some more weeding. YAY.

Shay at Done With Conformity made this lovely little creation of me and I LOVE IT. She does other bloggers, too. Please please please go check out her blog for more awesomeness.

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: I'm not sure, but it's new

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Why, hello there! Long time no see. Well, I suppose it's only been about five days. But still. Feels like forever, dontcha think?

I s'pose I'll do the usual recap:

  1. I got an A in my class. 96.4%. Hahahaha! I showed you, class. And you enjoyed it.
  2. I will happily accept congratulatory gifts in the form of money or Urban Decay Naked eye shadow palettes. An A is a 4.0, after all.
  3. I have the day off today, and I'm a-going swimmun. Or wading, rather. You know how I do.
  4. I did Pilates for the first time in two years the other day. Kicked. My. Ass. But I did it. And then I had a moment and teared up at the end of the video, feeling accomplished.
  5. I haven't purchased anything in the clothing or accessory department since approximately July 15. That's 18 days, y'all.

Anyway. Like everyone else, I've been trying to make the most out of my summer, so I haven't felt like sitting inside on the computer too much. I still have so many blogs to catch up on, so don't be upset if you haven't seen me around yours lately! I haven't really been reading any blogs...nothing personal! I still wuv u.

The second picture looks like a cheap ploy to get you to look at my boobs. IswearitsnotIjustthoughtitlookedartsy. They're out of focus, anyway. Jeez.

Tank top: Victoria's Secret
Skirt: ASOS
Shoes: Steve Madden