Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sheer madness

I'm taking a very short break from my 12 hour work-day to present you with this post. I just can't wait 'till tomorrow, no sir. I'm kind of a weirdo when it comes to schedules. I like them. A lot. I prefer to post every other day, no more, no less, or else the galactic alignment might be thrown off and we'll all die. Or something. Yeah. Yeah! Oh, the delirium of long work days.

I've been really digging Forever 21 lately. Weird, because I used to be a snob and wouldn't touch anything from F21 with a 10 foot pole (yeah, I used to be one of those girls). I still don't love them by any means, mainly because I don't endorse full-on designer knock-offs, but what's a poor girl to do?

I'd like to give a big, "oh hai der!" to new blog subscribers! Welcome! Also, thanks for all your comments, as always. I'll be responding to them and catching up on yer blogs tomorrow morning, because I love you all so much.

P.S. If you're wondering why I look exactly the same as I did in my last post, it's because I'm a cheater and took pictures of both outfits on the same day. I actually wore this one last weekend when I was celebrating my boyfriend's birthday, but didn't get a chance to get any pictures of it.

Sweater: Forever 21
Sheer maxi skirt and earrings: Urban Outfitters
Bag: Pendleton for UO
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell


  1. Am I loving the sheer skirt?? YES! Also, I've had a love-hate with F21 for a while-- I love how cheap things are, I hate how much of my money I spend there because things are so cheap!

  2. That pendleton bag? Love love! I remember looking it up after you told me about it earlier. And, I still love it! (even more so!)

  3. Loving the sheer madness of this and let me say you are one brave girl to risk those temperatures for us!

  4. Now that I follow your tweets, I get to hear about your blog-posts really fast! Cool... The world, she a changin'...

    I especially like the cropped sleeves on this sweater. They aren't long, they aren't short, they're something new and different. I've never seen any this length before. Leave it to ASHLEY to break new fashion-ground.

  5. you look wonderful!! love the skirt and the bag:)

  6. Sooo perdy :D
    I don't really go to Forever 21 much anymore since I'm still annoyed at them...but yes...they are good and cheap...haha... :)

  7. you always look so fab, and this bag is gorgeous! x

  8. What a neat bag! It has such great detail and looks perfect for school too!

  9. Love the knit sweater....the sheer maxi skirt is divine too!!! I dont think you are a cheater at all, hehehe

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Enter my Silver Lining Décor Jewelry Giveaway!!♥

  10. My favorite items in this look
    4.red lips
    you look very put together for a two outfits in one day photo shoot

  11. that is the greatest bag everrr!
    ps i have a rebel xsi, how on earth do you take your pics!? they are sooo gorgeous haha.
    The cinched waist in your previous outfit is a+ you could be a model for sure.

  12. That sweater looks intensely comfortable.

    I am also obsessed with Forever 21 - a large portion of my wardrobe is from there, but I try to keep it on the DL because it feels so... wrong. Like I'm buying clothes on the black market or something.

    XO Michelle

  13. You look stunning, my dear. Absolutely stunning. I have to say, I have an aversion to F21 as well. But so many blogger friends find great stuff there. I'm going to have to find one and check it out. I still think I'm too old to wear any of that stuff. But it wouldn't hurt to have a look, right?

    I found the most amazing bag at TJ Maxx today, sister! Wait for it......Badgley Mischka. It's so super cute! I wish you lived close enough so we could go shopping together.


  14. Your bag is gorgeous. We don't have Forever 21 in Australia and I always feel like I am missing out as everyone blogs about it.

  15. I love the blouse Ashley! So feminine.. Have a nice day (or night over there?)

  16. your bag is FABULOUUSSS !
    really stole my eyes in that close up photo !

  17. The sweater looks absolutely stunning on you! Wow!

  18. I always take loads of pictures on the same day, it's so much easier than taking photos every day (or every other day). Love your outfit dear, especially that bag!

    I've yet to buy anything from forever 21, as most of the stuff on the website looks a bit rubbish, but there is the odd bit of jewellery that I'd like :) xxx

  19. Yeah... I have a love hate relationship with Forever 21. I made my first order recently (they have a UK site now) and trying to return things has been a NIGHTMARE. No one responds to the emails and the phone number is this automated American voice telling me to check the FAQs on the website. So although I love their stuff, it has been SO MUCH hassle ordering from them and I won't be doing it again :S

    12 hour working days? Wow, you're brave! Oh and I LOVE your bag, it's amazing x x


  20. Gorgeous sweater I really love the knit pattern! 12 hour working days sounds harsh, hope it's going well

    L x

  21. That bag is great. It's wonderful to see a company like Pendleton showing up at Urban Outfitters. (Maybe I'm not remembering right, but I thought that was a fairly stuffy, but wonderfully constructed brand I was selling in department stores back in the early 1990s.) How things come around

  22. Oh I love this outfit! We don't have Forever 21 in the UK, and I didn't really shop there when I lived in the US. BUT, I went up to the Capital of Korea last weekend and there was one there! Crazy, huh? And I've been struggling to find any shop selling clothes that fit me (the Koreans call my chest 'glamorous'...) but now I'm stocked up for a while!

  23. Thanks for your comment.
    Lovely blog am now following and can't wait to read more.
    I'm a fan of F21 though have to order online as I live in the UK. I've visited the store in New York when I was there and loved it.

  24. hi darling! thanks for your comment!! Normally I write in english too, but yesterday I was so tired to translate to english... but I'll try to do for the next posts!

    thank youuuuuuuu!!



  25. Perfect outfit! That sweater looks so awesome on you! If you hadn't said anything I hadn't even noticed you looked the same :P haha. Cause I think you look different in every outfit! Like that :D

  26. I love this outfit, the proportions are great! And you have lovely hair!

  27. wow greeeat outfit !!! we love this maxi skirt !

    and you're so beautiful!

    xx, tany and nati <33


  28. Gorgeous! I think I kinda wanna make out with your bag, that's how much I love it.

  29. superlovely outfit, I love the sheer skirt (go you for pulling it off!!) and the bag is just adorable.

    Btw I consider myself a feminist too, my remark about a woman in a man's world was meant to be a bit tongue in cheek, being optimistic about a shitty situation :D

  30. That second photo is amazing! you are beautiful! plus I really love the bag, awesome colors

    Miss Neira

  31. I really love this bag and the outfit too!

  32. You are such a rare beauty honey *-* all of your photos inspire me a looooot :D
    Love the outfit veeery much.

  33. Wow, loving your satchel. So beautiful. And your hair colour looks so wonderful in these photos.

  34. We don't have Forever 21 here in the UK (or I'm just sleep-walking through the high street), but I sure love the sheer maxi skirt. Looking lovely, Ashley!

  35. you are SO stunning.
    wow these photos are beautiful.
    i really love your outfit.<3

  36. I sort of cheat all the time :) But it's not hard as my hair usually looks the same and I never change my make up :)

  37. that lip color really compliments your hair!

  38. Your makeup is so flawless, you look great! I love that bag!

  39. I absolutely love your skirt and bag, and just your whole outfit really!

    You've got an amazing blog :)

  40. I too used to be one of THOSE girls...mainly because I could never find anything cute or worthwhile at F21! I still try every once and a while but 80% of the time I walk out of there disappointed and empty handed!

  41. Love that bag girl! And I'm digging the red lipstick! xo

  42. Loooove that outfit. That bak is totally cute.


  43. beautiful outfit!!! i love your skirt!!


  44. Oh hai der! Hahaha you're too funny! I LOVE this skirt and the F21 sweater is super cute! I wish we had a F21 where I live- we just got an Urban Outfitters though which is exciting (and to think I live in the CAPITAL city of Canada!) Your comment is so sweet-I don't think I have a great waist but I think you are STUNNING!!!

  45. You are seriously gorgeous! I really wish I had hair like yours.

    I quite like your bag, too.


  46. wow! you are beautiful and these photos are wonderful. I love the pop of teal from your ring and the red lips. gorgeous!

  47. Love your outfit! That bag is so sweet.




    check mine too if you want :) kisses

  49. the whole outfit is stunning! and i absolutely am in love with your hair color! must say im quite jealous! have a great weekend!

    <3 megan

  50. I adore that sweater, something about a dolman sleeve and a big cowl... just love.

    And i take all my weeks photos over the weekend too. just because of the current lack of sunlight.

    Chic on the Cheap

  51. lusting over your pendelton bag! i wanted the small one from urban, but they sold out super quick!


  52. Ha! Was that your Minnesotan accent coming out with the "oh hai der"? Hello to you, too. I'm from Iowa and love visiting your beautiful state :)

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