Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Buffalo girls

I am so in love with buffalo plaid right now. Unfortunately, they don't seem to make women's anything in the classic red and black print, so I've had to hit up the men's department to satisfy my needs (too bad, because I really wanted a shirt, and even a men's small is way too big for me). This scarf came from Old Navy's men's section, and I even got a matching bombardier hat (after some serious contemplation).

It was actually warm enough to wear this outfit out yesterday with no additional coat...but later on in the day, we got hit with another winter storm, and this morning I'm staring at about 8 inches of fresh snow as a result. UGH.

Oh, and everyone should go visit Tracy, who wore a leather jacket + long skirt + scarf once, and it deeply influenced me to put together this outfit. She also wore a pair of leather gloves with everything, but I'm just not rawkin' enough to do that.

I also should mention that I really do not like the shoes...like, do. Not. Want. Seriously, send me $7 and shipping costs via Paypal, and they're yours.

Shout out and thank you to Walk Of Fashion for featuring me as the Girl of the Blogosphere yesterday! Check it out, yo!

Leather jacket: Doma
Scarf: Old Navy
Grey Tunic: Splendid
Skirt & Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Monday, November 29, 2010

Introducing: The Guest Post Group

If you own a blog, you're probably interested in promoting it. Some devote more time to this than others, and some do it better than others (leaving a "beautiful! check out my blog @ ushouldrlyvistmyblognow.blogspot.com" type of comment tends to annoy people and encourages them to do exactly the opposite). There's been a lot of hubbub surrounding guest posting recently. Supposedly, it's one of the best ways to promote your blog to new audiences (AND, it's a lot less annoying than a "VISIT MY BLOG OR ELSE!" comment). But how often do you see guest posts in the fashion blogging world? Not very often. Let's change that!

If you want to be a part of the new "Guest Post Group", email me this information:

1) Your name and URL
2) How many times per month you would be interested in guest posting
3) Three words that describe your style
4) The types of guest posts you'd be interested in writing (provide me with an example, if possible)

Pre Reqs:
- Your blog must have something to do with fashion
- It must be written in English
- The Guest Post Group is all about quality, not quantity. I want to ensure that each guest post you write will show effort and passion. If your current blog posts do not meet this standard, I have the right to not allow you "in" the group. We're not elitist by any means; I just want to make sure that you have a passion for fashion blogging itself, not just a passion for more hits.

Once there's enough people:

1) I'll match you up with a blogger and provide you with their contact information. The blogger you are paired up with will be writing a guest post for your blog, and you'll be writing a guest post for their blog.
2) You two can discuss what topics you want to cover in each guest post (I can provide you with some ideas, if you want!)
3) Your guest post will be posted on your partner's blog, and your partner's guest post with be posted on your blog
4) Watch as your blog extends itself to a new audience!

You'll be paired up with a new blogger for every post you wish to do. For example, if I said I'd be cool doing two guest posts per month, I'd do one guest post for Blogger X and one guest post for Blogger Y.

Sound good to you? Then email me your information at twoeyesinthemirror@gmail.com!

Remember to tell your friends about the Guest Post Group! We want to make this group as diverse and big as possible! Blog about it, tweet about it, shout it from the roof tops, whatever! Permalink: http://2eyesinthemirror.blogspot.com/2010/11/introducing-guest-post-group.html

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Little Red

I took these photos earlier this month, pre-snow. This is one of my favorite coats from Tulle. It makes me feel a little bit like Little Red Riding Hood. I tried to get into character with some "OMG!" poses. See that expression I'm making in the last picture? That's what I look like when the Big Bad Wolf is right on my tail. A very scary situation, let me tell you.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Mine was semi-ruined by a snowstorm, and I've been working all weekend, but that's fine. I like money.

Coat: Tulle
Dress: American Eagle
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Professor Quirrell

I still haven't seen the new Harry Potter movie yet, but in preparation for it, I've been having a Harry Potter movie marathon in my free time. I've got HP on the brain, so, needless to say, me in a purple head wrap reminds me of Professor Quirrell from the first movie. I'm a Harry Potter nerd, by the way. I went and stood outside Barnes & Noble at 4 a.m. to get first dibs on the last book a few years ago. And I'm totally planning on dressing up as Luna Lovegood for the midnight release of the last movie in July.

So, anyway, I honestly have no idea what I'm doing outside in the snow in a pair of bike shorts and gladiator sandals. I miss summer, what can I say. I must admit though, I did put on tights later on in the day. I was going to share my top-secret tip for taking pictures outside without a coat on in less-than-desirable temperatures, but I feel a cold coming on, and I think prancing around outside taking pictures might have had something to do with it, so I'm not going to share. I think it's more of a, "don't try this at home, folks," kind of thing. Stay inside, kids. Don't risk your health for your little ol' fashion blog!

* We're preparing for a blizzard up here in MN, and my internet usually goes out in bad weather conditions, so if I disappear from the 'net for a few days, that's why!

Sweater: Calvin Klein
Bike shorts & Belt: Urban Outfitters
Yellow top: Modcloth
Head wrap: Forever 21
Sandals: Dolce Vita
Clutch: Steven by Steve Madden

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Forgot you've got so far to go

Odd: I'm not really minding winter. In fact, I might kind of be enjoying it. Besides that one time when I almost fell down and went boom on the ice, oh, and that one time my car got stuck in the parking lot at work and was barely able to shovel myself out, I've been liking it. I even have developed a secret method for taking pictures outside in freezing temperatures sans-coat while remaining relatively warm (and fancy free!).

I swear, I've been the poster child for Madewell lately. This sweater is fabulously warm* and doesn't even make me itch! I'll do another "Project Scarf" post soon. Pinkie swear.

I also have a bunch of shout-outs this time: thankies to Charlotte for the Versatile Blogger award (did you know she tap dances?! Teach me, please!). Muchas gracias to Shy Biker for featuring me and some other fabulous bloggers in a recent post! Thank you to Kimber Doll for featuring Two Eyes in the Mirror (she even called it her "favorite fashion blog." I might be tearing up!). And, last but not least, a huge THANK YOU to all my supportive readers. As you know, I've been swamped with non-blog stuff lately, and sometimes it's easy to get wrapped up in it all. Every comment you leave inspires me to keep blogging, just keep blogging. Thank you for that!

* After reading through this a second time, I have absolutely no clue what "fabulously warm" is. Really, Ashley? The things that come from your little fingers sometimes. It sounds good, though, doesn't it?

Sweater: Madewell
Scarf: Gap
Dress: American Eagle
Booties: Seychelles

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Snow leopard

It's winter. And that's all I have to say about that.

I think I'm managing my new schedule relatively well. And look! I'm blogging too! How awesome. Now if I could just get these tests out of the way...

28 days until I'm done with school, and I *might* have a (real) job lined up. I think I've got all the right friends in all the right places (yeah, like the song) to make it happen. Fingers crossed.

I also put together an informal photography portfolio, so check it out! Let me know if you run into any viewing issues...I haven't put a website together in a few years, so I might be a little rusty at it!

Sweater: Calvin Klein
Shorts: Target
Belt: J. Crew
Tights: Vintage
Shoes: Dolce Vita
Nail polish: Essie "Soiree Mauve"

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My own private idaho

"My Own Private Idaho" by Alasdair McLellan

I'm not really sure why I like these images so much. The model has the same damn expression in every photo. I've been to Idaho, and I really don't think it's anything special. Hell, I don't even like chunky knits very much. But when I saw these in this November's issue of Vogue UK, I swooned (and would have actually bought the magazine if I wasn't so cheap...I appreciate you, Vogue UK, but not for $13 USD). The photography is good. Very good. Mine hasn't been lately, which is part of the reason why I'm posting someone else's images instead of my own, but I'll get to that in a minute. These pictures remind me of my old road trips "out west." I haven't been on one in over a year now, and I need one. Bad.

If you haven't figured it out, I've been really busy lately. My new job has got me working about 45 hours a week (before, I was just putting in a 20 hour week at my internship site). I've got a bunch of school stuff to do, too, so, like I already pre-warned you, posting is going to be a little scarce until approximately December 18th, which is when I take my last final exam (ever)! It's less than a month away! I'm excited, but a little nervous because I know the time is going to fly by and I have so much to do between now and then.

I seriously have about four or five outfit posts done, but I'm just not crazy about any of them. I'm having issues figuring out my camera settings now that there is an excessive amount of light to contend with (winter = no leaves on trees), and most of my pictures turn out overexposed. In addition, I think sometimes I try too hard to make sure the photography is the best it can be, and, as a result, my actual outfits--which is what this blog is actually about!--suffer. I'm probably going to be taking it indoors now until March rolls around since it's getting so cold, so perhaps this won't be an issue anymore. Three cheers for boring walls as backgrounds?

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Project Scarf: the Eccentric

This is look one in a new thang I'm doing, which I not-so-creatively dubbed Project Scarf. I got this totally kick-ass scarf from Madewell the other day, and honestly, it's so awesome that I don't want to be without it. I think a lot of people want to wear scarves, but are a bit intimidated by them (I mean...as intimidated one can get from a square piece of cloth) because they can be a mystery to tie. Up until last year, I actually had no idea how to "properly" tie a scarf, nor did I realize that a single piece of fabric could be tied in so many different ways. Despite having a massive collection of them, I'm still a bit clueless. So! Project Scarf is going to be a learning experience for both you and me. I'm going to be wearing this scarf in numerous outfits for the next month or so, tying it in a new way each time. I'll include instructions on how to tie it each post, too. I've got quite a few ideas lined up, but if you have a way you'd like to see me tie this scarf, do share!

Anyway, today's look is "the eccentric." This is a pretty classic way to tie a scarf, but please use caution: I think it's borderline babushka. To look more old Hollywood and less old country, I'd suggest picking a more classic, simple print in a luxe fabric (silk and satin are nice, but they may slip. You could totally utilize some bobby pins or something to make sure it stays on). Also, I found that I looked way more stylin' if I moved the knot over to the side of my chin, rather than just underneath. Here is my awesome diagram for how to tie your scarf this way!

Oh, and the look is called "the eccentric," because, well, I think this look is a bit eccentric. Because my sunglasses make me look like I have no eyebrows, I feel like I'm channelling Little Edie. And I'm pretty sure eccentricity and Little Edie go hand in hand.

Scarf: Madewell
Sweater: Victoria's Secret
Pants: Gap
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Sunglasses: Gucci

Monday, November 8, 2010

Standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona

I ordered this coat a few months ago from Urban Outfitters, but it's been on back order for so long that I just finally got it. It's another one of those things that is just plain ugly, but totally. Fucking. Rad. The print has a very southwestern feel if you ask me, and it totally makes me miss Arizona. Oh, yeah, and just to clarify: these pictures were not taken on a corner in Winslow, Arizona. I wish! But I'm thinking of planning a little retreat to the area in January...it's my favorite vacation spot!

I've been crazy busy for the last few couple of days, and it's not going to go away any time soon. In the next 38 days, I will: finish a moderately large independent study project, complete my two remaining classes, put in 115 more hours at my internship and do the necessary assignments for that to receive school credit, make Christmas presents (that's right, bitch. Make.), *hopefully* apartment hunt, and work 15-25 hours a week. Confused about that last part? Yeah. I got a job that I actually get paid for. I start Thursday! I'm super excited but a tad bit stressed at the same time. I'll still be blogging throughout all of this, but be warned that posts might be just a little more sparse than normal for the next month or so. Luckily, once school is over (December 18th), about all I'll have going on is a part time job, so there is an end to this craziness in sight!

Coat: BB Dakota
Boots: Urban Outfitters

Friday, November 5, 2010

November dress

I got the most amazing dress in the mail from Madewell the other day, and I can already tell it's going to become one of my staples this season. My winter uniform tends to be: dress, tights, coat, and boots. A dress is just so easy, and tights keep me warmer than pants do. This is version one of this dress; it's not revolutionary or ground breaking, but it was a good test run. I'm going to try and find a chunky sleeveless sweater and pair it with that next.

No leg/feet shots because I am wearing a pair of white tights and they are far too big for me. My right leg looks like it's wearing a really bad wiener casing or something in all of the pictures. Lots of ripples.

Dress: Madewell
Belt: Anthropologie
Bracelet: Free People

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bare Minerals: "I'm in your Beauty Routine, Givin' you Zits"

Ahh. Bare Minerals. The award winner. The revolution. The wonder make-up. The website boasts its miracle-making qualities, telling the consumer that using the product will give you a flawless, picture-perfect face, and that, "your skin will love you for this." Of course they have to hype their own product! But what if, for some people, their claims are flat-out lies?

I'm going to tell you a little story. Somewhere around January 2007, back in the day, if you will, I was planning for a big date I had the following week. I was your typical teenage girl: I wanted to look impeccable, but I had a few blemishes every now and again, and this was one of those times. My powder foundation just wasn't providing the coverage I needed (probably because I had no idea how to properly apply it), so I decided to take a trip to my local Sephora to get something better. There, I found a Sephora employee and asked, "Hey, do you know of anything that would cover these zits better?"

She walked me over to the Bare Escentuals section and gave me a demo on my own face. With a few swirly motions, my zits were totally covered. I was in love, and immediately purchased the starter kit and went to town.

I faithfully kept using my Bare Minerals make-up, believing it was the best beauty product I'd ever owned. I kept getting more and more pimples, and, as a result, applied more and more Bare Minerals foundation to cover them. I didn't think anything of my constant breaking out; I'd struggled with acne in my earlier teen years, too. I figured this was a natural continuation. The following are all pictures of my skin from the time when I used this product:

Fast forward a little over a year, maybe October 2008. All of a sudden, it hit me: "You know," I said to myself. "My skin wasn't half this bad before I started using Bare Minerals. I wonder if there's a connection?" So, I did a little experiment. I stopped using the product completely. It wasn't easy, since I had difficulty finding a product that covered as well as Bare Minerals had, but I carried on. A week later, my skin seemed like it had been improved. A month later, with my Bare Minerals foundation sitting quietly in a pile of dust in the corner, there was no doubt that it was the product that had been causing my acne.

No, it doesn't equal a picture of a bunch of Asians in birthday hats, but it does equal A GOOD TIME! No more Bare Minerals? No more acne!

But why? A little unofficial research on the interwebs (meaning I am not going to start citing sources; I do enough of that in school) and I discovered that Bare Minerals contains an ingredient called bismuth oxychloride. Bismuth itself is a naturally occurring metal. However, it undergoes its time in the lab and is transformed into the synthetically prepared form we can find in some of our mineral make-ups, called bismuth oxychloride. It makes the make-up adhere to our faces better, and also provides sheen. Although it has been found for years in traditional make-ups, it was not one of the main ingredients like it is in mineral make-up today. I cannot find an exact statistic, but many women with sensitive skin have found that this ingredient has clogged their pores, caused cystic acne, and flared up their rosacea. Others have found it made their skin itch.

I have totally stayed away from any mineral make-up since my discovery. Many mineral make-ups, however, do not contain this ingredient, so it's not fair to say that every mineral make-up is going to cause people problems. Just be sure to always read the label and be aware of what you're putting on your face!

This is my face about six months after throwing my Bare Minerals away. Today, I use a combination of concealer and powder to cover any redness. I get, on average, about one pimple a month.

If you want to learn more about mineral make-up and bismuth oxychloride, just do a simple Google search, and you'll find more information than you ever wanted!

I've had this post written for over six months now. I'm a content writer at heart, and, as much as I love posting pictures of my outfits and the like (and I will be continuing to do so!), I would like this blog to have a little more substance than your average "fashion blog," (hence the posting of this article and the "Love Your Body Day" interviews). I'd love to hear your feedback on this, and if there is anything you would be interested in learning (how-to posts, anyone?), please let me know!

Monday, November 1, 2010

It was always mesh (no lace)

I swear to God, some days I dress like I'm 80. The scarf part. Not the see-thru skirt part.

I took these pictures a while ago, before we got dumped on with snow (by the way, a lot of people have asked me but I haven't officially answered: I live in Minnesota). The skirt is see-thru mesh and I'm pretty sure this outfit is a little inappropriate from the back view (bodysuit + see-thru skirt = A-S-S). Oh well. Being inappropriate is fun.

And today marks the beginning of another busy week. I just put in about a 12 hour work day, I have two assignments due this week, an exam, and some other stuffs. On top of that, I have an independent study project that I really need to get going on, and I'm planning two kinda big things for this blog. Needless to say, I'd rather skip independent study project (and my assignments and exams) and just work on blog stuff, but I'm not going to let myself. So, for now, I'm trying to put the blog projects out of my mind and use them as incentive to get my independent study done in its entirety before starting on anything else. I love being busy, but sheesh.

Scarf: Gap
Bodysuit: Forever 21
Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Jessica Simpson