Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Zip Zap

I bought this vest at the mall over the weekend in a store I rarely ever go into (I hate to admit it, but I'm somewhat of a label snob. I'm quickly learning to get over it, though). So glad I did, because I completely love it and all of the pockets it has (oh, and a hood too!), despite being a wee bit bulky. At first, I paired it with a just a skirt and heels, but then it got colder so I quickly revamped my outfit, which I actually ended up liking better (and thus it is the version I'm posting here). And, surprisingly, I am actually kind of smiling in all of these pictures. Doubt if that will ever happen again.

I am--still--totally drowning in homework. I'm really starting to become disenchanted with this whole school thing. I was planning on going to graduate school once I finish my B.A. next spring, but I honestly am not so sold on that idea anymore. This blog, while still young, has kind of rekindled my love for photography and more art-related things. I still love you, sociology and psychology, but I don't have to like you right now.

Vest: Maurices
Dress: Urban Outfitters
Boots: Frye
Clutch: Steve by Steve Madden
Earrings: Robert Chiarella

Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend's end

Since I don't have a job, Monday's don't mean back to work for me, but I still dread them nevertheless. It's back to reality today, and not like reality is terribly bad or anything, it's just that my weekends are usually so good. My boyfriend and I spent the weekend together, doing a bunch of random stuff...taking a seven mile walk (in those moccasins), wandering around Target and the mall, shoe shopping (thank God I ended up with someone who doesn't actually mind the art of retail therapy), watching the boats at the lake (which lasted no longer than ten minutes, since both of us had to pee and there were no bathrooms to be found). The new extra-coffee caramel frappuccino at Starbucks is not too shabby (I always thought the original one was too sweet, anyway), although my favorite drink is some kind of iced latte or caramel macchiato. Tried to get him to take a picture of my outfit on Sunday, but I have yet to train him on how to take a decent fashion blog photo, and telling him, "take a picture of my sezzy outfit and boday!" yielded a few pics of my boobs. Men. Therefore, I've only got Saturday outfit pictures for you, which is kind of gondolier meets Sacajawea meets Brigitte Bardot. Okay, maybe not so much Brigitte Bardot, but I can wish.

And it's weird: I have like, 20 pairs of sunnies, and I keep gravitating towards these Ray-Bans. Oh vell.

Top: Urban Outfitters
Jeans: American Eagle
Moccasins: Minnetonka
Bag: M by MJ
Gold cuff: J. Crew

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Glimpse the Truth

^ Swatting a bug. It was there. I promise.

Have been feeling a little more like a hippie as of late, whatever that means these days. It smells so nice and woodsy outside, I could have spent all day out there if I didn't have other things to do. Le sigh.

Feather headband: Free People
Black dress: Urban Outfitters
Belt: Urban Outfitters
Bag: Cleobella
Shoes: Dolce Vita. Again.

It seems as if 3/4 of my wardrobe consists of stuff from UO.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Nothing is real

Please excuse me for not being the most active blogger in the past and future few days. After spending the majority of my time trying to get ahead of my homework so I could be free from it on my vacation, vacation has been cancelled due to my grandfather (apparently) having a (perhaps life threatening) stroke during heart surgery yesterday. Needless to say, I haven't had much spare time, and this blog is pretty low priority, in retrospect. Hope you're having a better week than I am!

Maxi dress: Free People
Leather jacket: Doma Leather
Sunglasses: Juicy Couture
Gladiator sandals (damn, I abuse that trend): Dolce Vita

Friday, June 18, 2010

Sunny day, chasing the clouds away

I am extremely excited because, after like, two weeks of pure cloudiness and threats of tornadoes yesterday, the sun finally has came out. My outfit was inspired by a look Free People featured in one of their spring catalogues this year. And that's all I have to say about that!

Thanks everyone who's been leaving comments and such. I appreciate it and will be returning them in the next few days. My internet connection isn't feel so well at the moment or I'd do it now, plus I think my boyfriend is getting impatient...Have a great weekend everyone!

Dress: ByCorpus
Shirt: Free People
Wedges: Seychelles
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Time is not on my side

The rain, cold, and fog still have not lifted, but I'm wearing shorts anyway. Shorts and socks and sandals. Yup, that's me. Oh yeah, look at my scarf. And my awkward pose in the first picture. Whoop whoop!

I have so much to do and not enough time to do it. Someone remind me why I'm taking six summer classes again? Wasn't five enough?!

Blazer: Forever 21
Scarf: Urban Outfitters
Shorts: Target
Sandals: Dolce Vita

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summa, Summa, Summertime...

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm getting ready to head off to Florida for a little vacay next week. Right now, I'm looking out my window at a dreary, drizzly 50°F day, wrapped in a huge blanket. It's hard to believe that, in a week's time, I'll be frolicking around in 90°F heat and humidity in a bikini and sandals. Anyway, I've came up with some ideas of items I think would be great for a perfect summer day (i.e. one that is actually above 50°F!), many of which I do own myself.

L to R: Nasty Gal, Modcloth, Free People, Old Navy

A cute, lightweight dress is probably my number one pick for summer. All of these dresses are either totally or mostly cotton, meaning they'll feel great and won't cling on a hot day. Add a cute belt and you've got yourself an outfit. Also, I love how these are all so versatile and will work for autumn, too, with some tights and a sweater or jacket.

L to R: Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, American Eagle, Forever 21

In my opinion, shorts can be boring, which is why I love these stylish paper-bag shorts. With a dressier top and wedges, the light pink shorts would make a perfect outfit. Also, skirts are another summer favorite of mine. If it's windy, I just throw on a pair of bike shorts underneath. Summer is a great time to play with patterns, and be sure to check out the juniors section for great deals (the above skirt from Nordstrom is only $12!).

L to R: Nordstrom, J. Crew, Piperlime, Urban Outfitters

Obviously, summer just wouldn't be the same without cute sandals! Right now, I like sandals with a little edge. The first and last pairs do that in a kind of rocker-chic way, while the flower detail on the orange flip-flops are quite sweet. And, wedges are one of my most favorite trends this season!

L to R: Shopbop, Modcloth, Victoria's Secret, J. Crew

For some reason, I've acquired nearly 30 different bathing suits in the past couple of years. I have a bigger chest, and I like that Victoria's Secret and J. Crew offer sizes in tops that go up to a D-cup. Concerning swimwear, I like classic shapes and styles with a simple, flattering fit. Anyone can wear a string bikini; I think it takes more guts (and looks nicer!) to pull of something "safer" and more classy.

L to R: Sephora, Mark by Avon, O.P.I., Fekkai, Avon

These are some of my summer beauty essentials. I oftentimes go a bit more plain on the make-up side, because everything seems to melt in the sun, anyway, so I love the splash of color that these Urban Decay eyeliners give (they're waterproof, too!). I like to do my eyes neutral everywhere else, and just line the bottom lash line with the electric blue color, and finish off with coral lips. The bronzer by Mark is great; I've tried countless other ones, and nothing works as well as this one does. It gives my fair skin a touch of bronze without streaking or going of the top. Bright nail colors are another one of my favorites during summer, especially coral and hot pinks. I buy the Frederic Fekkai beach wave spray every year and use it not only in the summer, but during other months as well. I spray it in my hair throughout the day and scrunch and it refreshes my style. Lastly, I HATE wearing sunscreen because it's always so sticky, but this Avon sunscreen (with added bug repellent!) is perfect.

In addition, here are a few quick tips I think are important to keep in mind for summer dressing:

  • Pay attention to fabric. Polyester and rayon often get clingy and make you sweat even more in the sweltering heat. I always tend to go for pieces that are mostly cotton on a hot day. Linen is great, too.
  • Dark colors absorb more heat than light colors, so wearing a black skirt on a sunny day is probably not the best idea. Try to stick to wearing lighter shaded outfits, especially if they're clingy/body-con.
  • Throw on a hat. Big straw hats and fedoras are seemingly extremely popular this season. You have no excuse!
  • Two summer essentials: sunscreen and shades. Sunscreen goes without saying (be sure to wear it even when it's cloudy!), and sunglasses are not only stylish, they're healthy for you. When I'm traveling, I typically take my cheaper pairs with me (I got a really flattering pair at Urban Outfitters a couple of years ago for only $8) so I don't lose or break my more expensive, designer ones.

Monday, June 14, 2010

In the pink

I never realized how much of the color pink I wear on a regular basis, but I've came to the conclusion that it's a lot. I'm in love with this beach-y tunic from J. Crew. It comes in a variety of colors (white, two shades of blue, a couple of striped varieties, and this pink) and is under $40--kind of remarkable, in my opinion, considering I can never find anything I like from J. Crew that is actually in my price range. It's absolutely perfect for summer, and I'm definitely throwing this in my suitcase before leaving for Florida next week.

Very nice to hear your opinions on the last post about pattern mixing. The verdict: all of you think that print-on-print can work in real life, as long as it's done in a chic manner. Thanks for your input!

Tunic & skinny pants: J. Crew
Flower belt: stolen from a F21 dress (stolen from my closet, that is...)
Heels, which are hidden by the grass: Jessica Simpson

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Does the pattern mixing trend mix with real life?

I know, my photoshop skillz are great, right? (Please note the sarcasm.)

Mixing prints has been frowned upon, at least in the casa de Ashley, since I was young. I remember my mother making my six-year-old self change out of my well thought out outfit, which involved stripes and polka dots at the same time, because it just didn't "go." But, one of this spring and summer's biggest trends has been print-on-print, mixing stripes with florals, and polka-dots with tribal prints. Not only was this fad seen on the runway, but shops have endorsed the look as well: check this out for 8 pattern mixing outfits. And, from what I can tell, this trend might stick around for the fall season, too.

So...my question to you is: does pattern mixing work in the "real world?" Or should it remain solely a runway phenomenon? Comment and tell me your thoughts!

Tank top & skirt: Target
Belt: Urban Outfitters

Thursday, June 10, 2010


(angry color version right hurr)

FYI, I love black and white photos. The majority of the time, I have to physically restrain myself from greyscaling all the pictures I take. These (which I realize are a bit overexposed, which was an accident, but I turned out kinda liking it) were just begging for me to make them b&w. Begging, I tell you! But I included a color one up there, too, for your viewing pleasure. Oh yeah!

Plaid is one of those patterns that can be tricky, in my opinion. I feel like if I wear it, I run the risk of looking A) too urban hipster, B) too mountain man, or C) too early 90's grunge. Hopefully, this look doesn't fall into any of those categories, but you can never be too sure.

Plaid tunic: Urban Outfitters
Vest: Madewell
Black leggings: French Connection
Bag: M by MJ
Gladiator Heels: Dolce Vita

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ashley in Wonderland

Okay, so I've never actually seen and/or read Alice in Wonderland. Not even the cartoon Disney version. But, I was looking at reviews of this dress at Urban Outfitters, and someone said it was the "perfect Alice in Wonderland dress." Hmm, I thought. I could work with that. Sure. So, basically, that's my justification for having a bunch of pictures in which I am making stupid faces. It's a nice dress, though, eh?

I added the boots, metal bangles, and gunmetal nail oplish because I think they're kind of unexpected with the sweet, chiffon-y dress.

Dress: Kimchi Blue
Boots: Frye

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Yup in my pink tee

I've seen a lot of people wearing rolled up jeans with simple shoes, like Keds or flip flops. I suppose that works for them, but not me. I decided to pair them with these horrible Jessica Simpson wedges. I was craving those crazy Cynthia Vincent $400 wedges a few months ago, but, being the poor college student I am who hasn't been employed for nearly a year now, I bought the rip-off Jessica Simpson wedges (I don't really endorse knock offs, but, let me reiterate--being the poor college student I am who hasn't been employed for nearly a year now--I've sunken to new lows) instead. Obviously, I'm no newb to walking in heels, but these are ridiculous. The first time I put them on, I wore them around the house for about ten minutes and my calves burned.

Tee: Victoria's Secret
Jeans: American Eagle
Bag: Steve by Steve Madden
Wedges: Jessica Simpson

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Self portraits are hard

One lone, scowly face picture today, because my hair looks absolutely horrific in all the other ones. I just got it cut last week, but it did no good. I'm so tempted to just chop it off into some kind of bob (and throw a box of dark brown dye on it, too, while I'm at it) but I know I'd regret it if I did.

Anyway. This is my shopping outfit today. Bike shorts (my new secret for not flashing everyone my cooter) are usually not visible, but of course they just happened to sneak their little way into this picture. And that's one of my favorite scarves, which is really saying something, seeing as how I own about 30 of them. I'll wear it again soon and be sure to actually get a picture of it.

Oh, yeah, and I'll be posting much more often now. I just finished up my biggest summer class yesterday (and along with it a huuuuuge project...I basically didn't do anything but that for about two days) and don't have much else lined up for a while.

Jacket--Calvin Klein
Tank top--Victoria's Secret
Skirt--Abercrombie (oh, the shame!)
Peep-toe booties--Steve Madden
Beautiful scarf--Urban Outfitters

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Perfect Weekend

^ I feel obligated point out that this is not me, although I think to do so might underestimate your intelligence. Oh well.

Looking back on it, this past weekend was as close to perfect as possible. Sometimes, I think I take stuff for granted. A quick summary:

Friday: Chinese, badminton, Breakfast at Tiffany's till 1 a.m.
Saturday: homemade blueberry muffins (courtesy of me) and egg crepes (courtesy of my boyfriend) for breakfast, wandering in random stores at the mall, people watching, splitting an ice cream sundae, Inglourious Basterds
Sunday: Babies documentary, peeing in a one-piece, hanging out by this creek by my house (or, if you're my boyfriend, fishing at this creek by my house while your girlfriend just watches and messes around with the self timer on her camera)
Monday: sleeping in, BBQ, wandering in more random stores, staying up till 4 a.m. just doing stupid stuff

So lazy and relaxing...

Back to reality now. And better outfits starting tomorrow. I have a job interview.

Zip-up bodysuit, which I decided I do not like: Forever 21
Maxi skirt: No idea
Gladiator sandals: Stolen from Hercules

P.S. Thanks to anyone and everyone who leaves comments for me! I really appreciate them and generally will return them all unless A) You don't have a blog, B) I don't speak your blog's language, or C) I get confused. C happens pretty regularly...