Saturday, June 5, 2010

Self portraits are hard

One lone, scowly face picture today, because my hair looks absolutely horrific in all the other ones. I just got it cut last week, but it did no good. I'm so tempted to just chop it off into some kind of bob (and throw a box of dark brown dye on it, too, while I'm at it) but I know I'd regret it if I did.

Anyway. This is my shopping outfit today. Bike shorts (my new secret for not flashing everyone my cooter) are usually not visible, but of course they just happened to sneak their little way into this picture. And that's one of my favorite scarves, which is really saying something, seeing as how I own about 30 of them. I'll wear it again soon and be sure to actually get a picture of it.

Oh, yeah, and I'll be posting much more often now. I just finished up my biggest summer class yesterday (and along with it a huuuuuge project...I basically didn't do anything but that for about two days) and don't have much else lined up for a while.

Jacket--Calvin Klein
Tank top--Victoria's Secret
Skirt--Abercrombie (oh, the shame!)
Peep-toe booties--Steve Madden
Beautiful scarf--Urban Outfitters


  1. beauty you look totally stunning!
    the scarf is really nice..i hope i can see it more close.
    have a nice weekend!

  2. I love your jacket and those shoes are amazing! So pretty! ^^

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